Hero Passion is committed to helping children be their own heroes in their lives through improving their mental and physical health. 
To achieve this, we are active in the school community through our mental health “Believe” and “Be Greater” shows and our “Hero Passion Active” physical education program. 


Believe and Be Greater Shows

The mental health and wellbeing of our youth has become a topic of increasing concern. Here at Hero Passion, it's something very close to our heart that we want to address in the best way we know how. We leverage the commanding presence of a superhero to connect with youth in an extraordinary way. Our dynamic shows have been designed with high-impact energy that incorporates both music and dance. While the purpose is to have loads of fun, the goal is to inspire students to believe in themselves. We believe this is the best way to teach them how to continually strive towards their goals and combat the challenging times head-on. And what better way, than through the power of a Superhero. 
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Hero Passion Active

(PE Program)

The 6 week Hero Passion Active program is an engaging superhero themed physical education program designed around different physical characteristics of superheroes. Superhero themed physical activities are based on the following physical skills: 

Week One: Strength

Week Two: Endurance 
Week Three: Co-ordination 
Week Four: Speed 
Week Five: Agility 
Week Six: Problem Solving Skills (Orienteering)

Cost and duration of each session: ???